Tapping Regulate or Matrix Reimprinting Sessions
with Pam Covarrubias, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner
single sessions to support you and your nervous system
EFT is a powerful tool you can use to reduce stress and remove unwanted feelings in your body.

Some of the many benefits of tapping:

Reduces cortisol levels.

Regulates fight or flight response.

Recognize limiting beliefs take action to remove them.

Bring acceptance while you dismantle negative feelings.

Connect with your inner voice and trust yourself.


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About Solidarity Pricing

Solidarity price point exists to expand the accessibility point of EFT/Tapping sessions. Spots are available to what is needed to achieve revenue stability in my business. As a Latina entrepreneur, I am often overlooked by financial institutions and therefore, I am undercapitalized. 

I am and have been self-financing and bootstrapping my business expenses out of cash flow… so if you can afford to pay the regular price, I'd appreciate it. I trust you to locate yourself and get into a fair exchange with me.

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